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Bill Bloss

Air Pollution
Atmospheric Chemistry

Tropospheric Oxidation
Ozone Production
Atmospheric Halogen Chemistry
Chemical Kinetics and Photochemistry

I am a member of the Air Pollution & Atmospheric Chemistry group within the Environmental Health Sciences research team.
We are part of the School of Geography, Earth & Environmental Sciences

My research is in the field of Atmospheric Chemistry - understanding the chemical processes which control the current and future composition of our atmosphere. We approach these problems through a combination of field measurements of atmospheric constituents, laboratory studies of specific systems, and modelling simulations for comparison with observations. Current research areas include :

- Measurement and interpretation of ozone production in the atmospheric boundary layer

- Sources and sinks for atmospheric oxidants: Impacts upon urban air quality and tropospheric composition

- The atmospheric chemistry of halogen species, in particular iodine chemistry in the marine boundary layer

Please see Research Pages for more details.

Positions Available:

If you are interested in PhD Projects in these areas, please send me an email to discuss your interests.

You can also find details of specific projects via FindaPhD.com or see the internal project listings under Environmental Health Sciences.

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